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Photographer Albert Michael Shoots Denise Richards and Jenny McCarthy in their Bikini of the Day

I have no idea what this sorcery is all about…but I think it is safe to say that this photographer Albert Michael has some kind of fetish for washed up sex symbols from the 90s…who have done their best to retain their sex symbol bodies through various facial treatments that make them look like little monsters….because why else would he drop 2 shoots today, one of Jenny McCarthy and one of Denise Richards…both of which you’ll find below….

This is some botoxed so hard bitch looks like a deer in the headlights shit….but at least she’s got fake tits…to compensate for a whore pussy that makes autistic babies…..

The real sick thing in all this is that I am totally digging this….time warp shit…

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  • cowbulls

    I think both these chicks are still major league tail. Denise is top 10 sexual fantasy list material and Jenny wouldn’t be too far behind.

  • testington

    Is this guy really a professional photographer? I feel like you could take photos of equal if not better quality on an i-phone. WTF is with the poses and locations?

  • Mr. Bomba

    Denise’s days are over.