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Lindsay Lohan is Still Amazing of the Day

Lindsay Lohan Hot Stuff

Lindsay Lohan Hot Stuff

Lindsay Lohan is wearing some see through outfit craziness and I like it…sure it is not quite enough battered, ravaged, damaged, destroyed, scared and scarred, atrophied, thick skinned, cold, dead, dry, freckled, labia for me….especially based on her certain low level, used to be famous, going broke stature…..but I like how she’s playing all coy with the camera, like she didn’t call them up to tip them off to pay attention to her cuz that’s the only way she can get attention…..you know trying to bottom feed the media…when all she really needs to do is act in a good fucking movie and not be a nutcase about everything in her life…even if being a nutcase gives me boners….baggage is erotic.

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  • Signothorn

    Such a shame. She has gorgeous feet, but hasn’t taken care of them well in the past year and hasn’t shown them off much either.