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Nicole Kidman Doesn’t Look like Nicole Kidman for V Magazine of the Day

I have no idea how these pics are of Nicole Kidman, I figure there must be another Nicole Kidman out there, cuz the Nicole Kidman I know is some washed up, relatively monster looking bitch who was once trapped by Tom Cruise….She has never been hot, never turned me on even in nude scenes in movies when I hadn’t jerked off that day…week…month or even year….

I am thinking it is a typo, or the magazine is lying….or maybe she got teleported back from her space travels looking sexy as fuck…you know with that whole Scientology, she knows too much, let’s replace her with a hot version of her…..cuz this version has absolutely no similarities to her….even if her own mother saw this shit, she’d have no idea who this was…V Magazine is just that good…and so are these pics…I am so torn, I feel so lied to…I don’t get this..at all…I keep looking back…and feel so confused, scared, and alone…is the world what I think it is…or have I been wrong about everything….I think I should go kill myself now…..looking at Nicole Kidman’s nipples…

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