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Celine Dion Hot for V Magazine of the Day

The hottest thing about Celine Dion is that she fucked her way to the top….but more importantly when she fucked her way to the top she was 14 and it was with her old married neighbor who took her in, mortgaged his house, left his wife and took this french trash to the fucking top….

I live in Quebec, where she is from, and where I am hated for being english, and I can’t stand her, she represents too much fucking evil, but knowing she’s had one cock in her in her entire life, makes her one of the more wholesome peppers (that’s what we call french trash here) around…since most french trash start fucking at 14 and like anal on the first date and by date I mean when you first meet them at a party….

I am not gonna go into a rant about french people, it’s not worth it, since I like everyone, but I will remain angry and confused as to why I find these pics hot as fuck….this is Celine Dion and it is making me feel so dirty cuz it is so wrong to like them…

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  • MtlOne

    You forgot to mention that this poutine eating flat azz quebecer refused a Best Canadian singer award because it was English. She said she was French until she opened her legs to USA greenbacks, singing in english and accepting Grammies. It became the greatest thing in her life next to old grisled French cock