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Lindsay Lohan is an Idiot of the Day

I don’t know if Lindsay Lohan is trying to be hip hop….all gangster…being brought down for crimes against society…stealing everything she comes in contact with….like she was the fucking G-Unit….but if she is she’s coming across as embarrassing as the whitest black guy ever who was next to me in line….when he asked a gully black girl if she is “Keeping it Real”….up on some Steve Urkel shit….

You see cuz Lohan is a fucking poptart….rich kid who is worth a couple of million and who is fucking famous and has all the opportunity in the world to make her life memorable…whether by leaving the entertainment industry…or working in it…but fluttering around it like some spoiled cunt…is just annoying…

I look at her with hate…cuz she has what so many people want…hot tits, opportunity, access, celebrity, money and she’s shitting all over it cuz she’s some broken girl…but at the same time…seeing her publicity stunts about stealing jewelery or racking up hotel bills is kinda hysterical…it can’t be real…the fact it was leaked kinda proves that….when all she has to do is release a fucking sex tape….something I am sure is cumming…and so will I….

Either way…she’s a fucking retard I want to fuck….but then again…so is every retard…

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  • I bet she never did returned that computer thing. Lol.

  • Signothorn

    I can tell when she’s on drugs again when she stops taking care of her feet. Her feet are gorgeous, I could suck them toes like grapes. As soon as she starts letting those toenails look jacked up, or wears boots in the middle of one of the hottest summers on record, I know something’s wrong and she usually does some wicked shit like this. Look it up, it’s all true. People look at stupid ass metrics to predict the stock market all the time, why can’t you just open your mind?

  • cowbulls

    I wonder how many males have been in her fire crotch. If it is still tight, it would be very tempting to nail her ass. Those funbags are also a lure.