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Aubrey O’Day Thick for Twitter of the Day

I never really cared for Aubrey O’Day in the past…she was just some spoiled rich kid with an ego who annoyed me….cuz she thought she was great and hot and amazingly talented because she was on some Reality Show that didn’t matter….and because she had sex with Diddy…like so many girls before her….Sure she rode that wave of insignificance hard and long….flaunting her tits…getting fat for her fans who like their women thick…..

I only started to legitimately hate her after seeing her on Celebrity Apprentice…in her attempt to next level herself from one shitty TV show to the next….where she was annoying….but more importantly fat.

So now she’s continuing to ride that bullshit career and limited talent by pretending she has talent when she knows she doesnnt….but more importantly by pretending she has a hot body…when we know she doesn’t…

What a cunt.

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  • Mister

    Jealous much?

  • Jack Ketch

    Jealous ??? Of what ??? A lumpy, ugly (still ugly after plastic surgery) broad with fake tits ???

  • me too

    No, he’s right on this one (as he usually is). This chick is ugly as fuck and can’t take a good picture to save her life. She smears herself with orange fake tan, has a beat face, and looks twice her age. Methinks without all the orange grease and fake parts, she may actually look closer to her real age. Also, I have no idea who she is outside of her lying about some mental illness to get her stupid fucking looking dog to ride with her in first class. That is all.

  • Travis

    I still remember her all fresh-faced & svelte, so many years ago.
    Now we have a dumpy, cocaine-loving mess.
    Shameless & trashy.

    What a ditch-pig, what a waste…