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Jennifer Love Hewitt Panty Flash of the Day

Why so serious Jennifer Love? I like my panty flashing pics to have more spunk and personality, maybe a smile, or grin…not defeatest, broken, damaged girls with baggage, pulling one last trick to get male attention hoping she gets a husband to knock her up before menopause, even though there are thousands of men who would love to get up on this, myself included, cuz K-Fed showed us the fucking way….but she’s the kinda cunt who thinks she’s too good for them….you know with being on Ghost Whisperer and a few shit in the 90s…it’s easy to let that go stratight to your fucking practically irrelevant fat girl with fat tits head…..

That said, I am sad there’s no dried up lonely and sad labia in this

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  • cowbulls

    I bet that is some world class tail. JLH is top 10 in my sexual fantasy bucket list and number one for those luscious funbags.