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Britney Spears Twerkin’ Bikini Tweet of the Day

This bikini pic would be more interesting if Britney was Twerking, or tweaking or anything with some personality….but I’ll take a bikini pic for old times, sure she’s a fragment and medicated version of the Britney Spears we all used to masturbate too…and she’s far more stable and boring then the days of shaving her head….and her body is far less fun to laugh at then when she was fat and covered in Cheeto dust, or when she was 19 and in leather for music videos….but she’s still Britney Spears…a broken soul who was destroyed ad taken advantage of by a man…willing to be broken and taken adavantage of again..too tired to put up a fight and if that isn’t sexy….I don’t know what is…

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  • payload

    I would still throw it down that hallway she calls a vagina

  • cowbulls

    Yes but would you hit the sides?