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Rachel McAdams Ass in Vs. Magazine ofthe Day

I watched a Rachel McAdams movie about forgetting her husband….not because one of the girls I am fucking made me…and not because my wife who I am not fucking was trying to implant ideas in my brain on how love is supposed to be in some CIA brainwashing way….but because I fucking chose to…I said…I need more romance in my life…and I need to believe in love because I really don’t…and I need a movie made for that purpose to show me the light in the dark damp basement that is my soul….and the entire time….all I was thinking about is how tight Rachel McAdams’ asshole was…leading me to believe that Romance movies are totally fucking pornographic…if all you think about when watching them is doing dirty porn things to the main character…..

Either way, she’s in Vs. Magazine and her ass and loose fitting boys underwear is kinda sexy…in a just been kidnapped and got my period do you have anything for me to wear now that my underwear are stained and ripped from you tryng to rape me…can I use these old man underwear left in thiis basement from the previous owner….kind of way…

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