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Jasmine Lennard Celeb Big Brother Leaked Nude of the Day

Jasmine Lennard is some UK celebrity who people in the UK probably don’t consider a celebrity, becasue all she’s really done is big brother…but she does have wikipedia page so that must mean something…more importantly…she recently had a nude pic of her leaked to twitter that she is now publicly fighting….even though it is safe to say that she was the one involved in the picture in the first place…mainly because she is in the fucking thing…and now one would really even notice the shit got leaked if she wasn’t being a fucking annoyance about it….I guess that’s what happens when you are a rich bitch with a ririch father and a Chanel model mother who probably resented you you’re entire life for ruining their fun and being annoying…hence why she’s using her resources to achieve this Kim Kardashian level of bullshit fame…without even releasing a video…when everyone knows this is the video era…you aren’t shit unless dick is in your mouth in motion….

The funniest thing is that shee has a kid with Shifty from Crazytown, the crackhead who was on all the rehab shows….who hasn’t done shit in a decade and who can barely afford a pot to piss in after his one-hit-wonder fizzled out….

Awesome strategy on her party….let’s have a kid with the poor drug addict who was once famous…..I guess the good news is she’s got a nice lookin pussy from this angle…meaty in the good way not the mangled rape victim hacked up way….

Either way, she’s a good girl. I like the way she plays.

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  • Travis

    She’s too fat.

    Lose a few pounds & then call me, fatty!

  • Joey

    She needs to eat a few burgers.That is horrible!