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Pauley Perrette Scares Me in Her Bikini of the Day

Before today….I had no idea who Pauley Perrette was…I just assumed she was some teen nobody who got famous because she was handicapped….you know a retard…or mongloid if you’re into vintage throwback terms for waterheads…not that there’s anything wrong with being handicapped, or famous for having Downs Syndrome….I figure if you have Downs, you might as well exploit it, cuz when you’re famous your Downs doesn’t seem to matter as much, as groupies are more willing to suck you off….just look at Mini-Me as a special olympics idol…dude gets pussy that would never fuck him pre-celebrity…cuz girls are whores and drawn to status even if that status comes with things that society deems freakish or abnormal…

That said, she’s not a handicap teen, she’s actually 43 years old….and she’s tweeting bikini erotical…

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  • saywhaaaa

    I think she’s hot… not a big fan of her tv show, though.

  • PTC

    It’s Down Syndrome, not Downs. If you’re gonna call other people retards, try not to be one yourself.

  • Mumra The Ever Living

    The woman’s been on what is now the #1 show on TV. She’s been one of the most popular characters since it started in in 2003 – It’s starting it’s 10th year. Oh, and she actually looks pretty good.
    Look man, I know commenting about pussy’s, tits and bubble butts is your forte, but once in a while you could at least Google the people you don’t know about so you don’t look like a total ass.

  • Katie

    Why THANK YOU for that “girls are whores” comment tacked on at the end there. I’m just trying to read your blog, alright? It’s no fun if I’m getting insulted, and it’s hard enough that you don’t use periods- very telling, in fact…