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Kate Upton Fat for CR Fashion Book Fall of the Day

Kate Upton is doing some fairy tale fantasy fetish shit for CR Fashion magazine, all Little Bo Peepin’ it up in some bloomers and huge titties….and I know what you are thinking, that this bitch is hardly what the media is making her out to be, sure she’s got fat sloppy tits at the tender age of 19, but her face is rugged and retarded looking, but more importantly, her body is boxy, and struggling to not catch up to her big old titties….because you are a hater and a bad person….just jealous of all she’s done in this short time…and no I’m not talking about her eating….

I think she looks lovely, delicate and very fit….because girls need to love their bodies…no matter how diabetic they are…..even after the amputations and motorized scooter assisted living….she’ll still have her tits…it’s just God’s plan for us.

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