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Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine Party With Strippers of the Day

Here is a wild and crazy video of sluts who would have become strippers if their parents didn’t force them into this child acting/child prostituting and in Vanessa Hudgens case, child pornography is socially acceptable cuz it is Hollywood and everyone wishes they were Hollywood so anything goes in Hollywood, whorin’ yourself daily, cuz if you don’t another whore will move in and whore harder….before crashing, burning and committing suicide…that’s how it works…

So the cast of Springbreakers are rocking out with strippers in the most boring way I can only assume is part of the Springbreaker marketing campaign, but until I have confirmation, I’m just gonna blame hip hop.

Ok…I have confirmation, Springbreakers official Youtube put this out….I’m so clever and onto you Hollywood….

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