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Vanessa Paradis in Lingerie for Jalouse of the Day

Johnny Depp’s ex wife and mom to a couple of his kids….who is pushing 40 has finally come out of her reclusive life that she’s had hiding with the Pirate the last 14 year..now that he’s out of her life, thanks to hiding his penis inside his co-stars, even though French women are supposed to be into sharing their men, esepcially when their men get paid to cheat on Camera for 100s of millions of dollars a movie…money that is going to fund the life, artist loft in Brooklyn, drug addiction, start up companies that fail, yachts and all that other good rich kid stuff of their bratty kids….

She’s modeling in a fashion mag, all elegant in lingerie, and she’s the kind of single mom, I’d be so into riding into the good life that she can offer me…espeically since her mom body, and I can’t speak for her entire mom body, cuz she hasn’t got her labia spread in this pic, look pretty good….

Here are the pics….

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