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Topless Vanessa Paradis for Johnny Depp’s Passion of the Day


Vanessa Paradis and her Daughter the hottest Lily Rose Depp are going public by saying that Amber Heard is full of shit and her Domestic Abuse claims are just a whore trying to get attention – even though Depp probably did get mad at that cunt, I mean she totally manipulated him with her pussy – for whatever reason and she represents his weaknesses…because everyone besides him saw her agenda..that she’s still trying to manipulate by coming across as the VICTIM…

I am convinced – she punched herself in the face, and even if Depp threw a phone at her, she likely deserved it and is getting paid better than any of her acting gigs for this hustle…

What better way to celebrate a win for everyone but AMBER HEARD the hooker, that some Paradis tits recently published in some magazine…

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Vanessa Paradis’ 42 Year Old Ass for Vogue of the Day


Vanessa Paradis is a 42 year old French (from france) actress which means you’ve seen her tits in French movies….in Vogue Paris…for France…because France is all over the news, but not really, the rest of the world is “over” the terror attack and we’ve all moved onto new things to worry about…like our Thanksgiving Turkeys and how annoying our relatives are…especially that uncle who you pretend didn’t molest you when you were a kid…even though he molested you when you were a kid…

But here she is showing her 42 year old French ass, an ass that Johnny Depp tainted for 14 years…with his sperm…making babies…like that hot Lily Rose who I guess is 16 or 17 now….and in a broken home…thanks to super famous dad fucking super strategic stepmom Amber Heard…who prior to Johnny Depp had been in one movie and was in the media for being bi sexual…like it was a story…when really it was more a “I’ll do whatever my client pays me to do”..


And that’s to never respect a homewrecking whore…but to move in and offer comfort to the mom, who may be old, but who still has an ass, that is on the cover of a fashion mag, not a weird fetish mag featuring old moms…an ass that you can assume she likes having filled, at least based on my experience with french women…but those french women are more the white trash French Canadian kind, not the Parisian fancy ones getting shot at the cafe by the Arabs they hate…


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Vanessa Paradis Modelling for Madame Figaro of the Day

Johnny Depp’s ex baby momma from France, who like most french girls probably has anal on the first date, that is not really a date, but rather the first encounter, of the good kind, is out there modelling like she wasn’t a mom of 2 in her 40s, because that’s what divorce, even when not married does to a bitch, it makes her step up and re-start where she left off all those years ago, whether it is through fitness, plastic surgery, or just banging all the dudes that come her way, because thanks to being who she is, she’s top echelon socially, and equipped to bang all the rich and famous, especially when wearing her leather pants in magazines…

Now I don’t love cougars, but when they look like they are still in their 20s, while their souls are not, I can totally fuck with the idea of them…

Here are some of those fashion pics…

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Vanessa Paradis in Lingerie for Jalouse of the Day

Johnny Depp’s ex wife and mom to a couple of his kids….who is pushing 40 has finally come out of her reclusive life that she’s had hiding with the Pirate the last 14 year..now that he’s out of her life, thanks to hiding his penis inside his co-stars, even though French women are supposed to be into sharing their men, esepcially when their men get paid to cheat on Camera for 100s of millions of dollars a movie…money that is going to fund the life, artist loft in Brooklyn, drug addiction, start up companies that fail, yachts and all that other good rich kid stuff of their bratty kids….

She’s modeling in a fashion mag, all elegant in lingerie, and she’s the kind of single mom, I’d be so into riding into the good life that she can offer me…espeically since her mom body, and I can’t speak for her entire mom body, cuz she hasn’t got her labia spread in this pic, look pretty good….

Here are the pics….

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Vanessa Paradis Topless Beach Pics of the Day

Vanessa Paradis is an old French singer who was a childstar, but more known for being the bitch who locked Johnny Depp into marriage for 15 years….and now she’s taken her single, 40 year old tits to the beach and got herself all topless, because that’s how they make bathing suits in France, and sure they’re nothing substantial, but they did probably cost Johnny Depp 100 million dollars in the divorce, so that alone makes them fucking golden….just not quite as good as Amber Heard’s tits, that Johnny Depp was willing to trade these in, and pay a serious penalty, for….

Who cares.


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Vanessa Paradis Window into her Nipple of the Day

Johnny Depp’s french popstar wife who is now almost 40 was at an event and she wore a dress that had a window into her soul, and by soul I mean her cleavage with a little nipple showing, and by window I mean some see through fabric, and that’s really all I have to say about this, other than I think it’d be nice if girls started wearing lace/sheer cut out windows in their pants, so that we know what kind of pussy they are rocking, but my fashion trends never seem to stick….

Either way, if you like her, you can google her and find nude pics….she’s from France, it’s kinda what they do….

Pics via Fame

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