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Sofia Vergara’s Weird Underwear Pics of the Day

I have no idea what these pictures are from, I just know they were emailed to me claiming to be of Sofia Vergara in her underwear painting a dude, and since I have facial recognition blindness, and everyone looks the same, not just black people, cuz I am not racist….I cannot confirm or deny that they are of her, but I can say they seem fun…

Sure it may be a little too much fun for someone this old…I mean maybe this should have been left in for her 20s, but I guess she was two busy sleeping her way to the top as a single mother with Colombian coke ties that financed her shit….

Becasue she is pushing 50 and that’s a good time to spend napping, knitting and betting on the horses or whatever it is 50 year olds do….but I guess you’re never too old to get half naked if you got a hot body like this….

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  • It certainly does look like her.

  • Nimbette

    She is not pushing 50′ dude, pushing 40. So who said 50 years olds have to go bury their heads in the sand and knit? Totally outdated view there. People take better care of themselves nowadays, well some do!
    But just you wait until you get to be that age and see if you still feel that way about age and see if you go to sleep early and start knitting too lol.

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