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Katie Holmes MILFed Out Cougar for Harper’s Bazaar of the Day

It feels like just yesterday that Katie Holmes was a 30 year old playing a 16 year old on a horrible TV show, before selling herself out and getting cast as a wife…a wife that was an alien abducted / host uterus to the Alien Queen Suri,artificially inseminated by her homosexual husband in some high tech lab for the top ranking Scientologist to witness her important contributuion to both Scientology and the future of man kind….a contribution that rock’s heels harder than a stripper and she is only 5….

I guess she is in Harper’s Bazaar Russia spreading her message of peace, love and semi-attractiveness, despite throwing away her fan boy Dawson Creek fan loyalty, but choosing Tom Cruise and this life, instead of acting….

She’s still a mom I’d be willing to fuck, mainly because I’d like to explore the fleshy genitals Tom Cruise sacrificed to ancient aliens….cuz he wasn’t gonna go anywhere near that since girls don’t have testicles…

I don’t know if these pics are old or new, you know how Russia is, first in Space, but hooked on Levis in the 90s…when they were no longer wanted here, but I’ll post them anyway….

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