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Paris Hilton Hates Gays of the Day

Paris Hilton is the fucking devil, swine, garbage, filthy shit filled shell of a human and I am not just saying that because I feel I need to defend the gay man….because for the longest time I thought Paris Hilton was a gay man.

Truth be told, I have made similar jokes about gay people, but I am a horrible person….

Just this morning I was regretting a drunken hot tub session with 2 dudes in a loft in the gay village, because I figure and googled to see if AIDS virus can live in the petri dish that is a hot tub petri….

But then again I like laughing at stereotypes like gay guys having AIDS….and luckily cares about what I say or listen to what I say….

And every gay guy I know is fucking horny….a sexual deviant, but that is just because every guy I have every met would be a sexual deviant, if the girls we fuck allowed us to be….It’s like gay sex has no referee or police or moody bitch who has PMS and emotions to get in the way of hardcore ass fucking or some shit….

I can still say with confidence, that we are all God’s Children, some of my best friends are gay and I love everyone equally, or that I am indifferent about everyone equally, except maybe Paris Hilton, who I actually hate…..

The irony in all this is that she is probably the one with AIDS, because like the gays, she’s a horny, damaged, rich girl who should be fucking shot for her public hate crimes…who made porn even though she didn’t have to…unprotected and who is known for having herpes…always a sign of a clean girl….

They conveniently recorded the conversaition cuz it is an inside job and she remains the fucking worst…


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  • Claudette

    Aw, D.S. This lil’ post warmed my cold, cancer-riddled heart.