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Staring Up Salma Hayek’s Nose of the Day

My new fetish is looking up the noses of old, tired, weather, Mexican actresses who made it in Hollywood…especially when her nostrils and tryng to see up them is is all that’s is going on in the pic…they are overpowering and all my perverted mind can fixate on…imagining all the wonderful things that I can do with those nostrils…using my hands, mouth, dick, and feee….anything to get close to them….because when you stare long enough at her nostrils…the fact that she is 90 almost doesn’t matter.

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  • That’s weird I have had a long time desire to fuck a bitches nose, but not like you because I don’t have a penis. I want to slide her nose into my vagina.

    Good times!

  • beavis

    She has nostrils?