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Kate Upton’s New Direction for Jalouse of the Day

Kate Upton is taking on some fashion shoots, you know more high concept fashion editorial shit to show the world how diverse a model she is, and that she’s not jusst some sloppy titty bikini model the average american man loves as she spills over her bikini top setting off warning signs that she is in fact a fact chick in training…the next Anna Nicole Smith….ready to remember the glory days when she is 25 over a chocolate cake and a bunch of pills….she wants us to take her seriously and forget that she’s a thick, fat titty, destined to be in a bikini prior to struggling with her weight, you know while her metabolism is still fat….and you know what…she looks pretty good in this shoot….I support her cause…cuz I was getting annoyed of her one trick pony shit…even if it was more half naked…..because with these high fashion shoots, the next step will be more naked…cuz high fashion has more nipple than bikini modeling for sports magazines….so this is a better road to go down…even though I think she shoulda done porn.

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  • Now that you mention it, I bet you $20 after she gets fat that she ends up become an anal gape all black man gang bang specialist porn star.

    Damn it, I wish I could unsee this in my head.


  • cowbulls

    Yes she will get fat as women with her body type always do BUT I bet she is one hell of a hot piece of tail today. I don’t want to dehydrate myself in her body in 10 years, I want her now.