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Samara Weaving is Hot for GQ of the Day

I am the biggest Samara Weaving Fan….just the other day I POSTED HER NIPPLE POPPING OUT OF HER BIKINI ON SET …..but that probably has more to do with her nipple and less to do with her…I’d post pictures of anyone if their nipple was in the fucking mix….cuz I like nipples…they are the feeding tube for our future leaders people….

Point of this is to say….she’s some Australian chick….and I’m huge in Australia which works out nicely for me cuz Australian girls are stylish, fun, sexy as fuck, and into getting drunk with me…not that Samara Weaving gets down like that, or wants to be my drinking buddy in hipster clothes with her tits exposed, but we’ll just use her as today’s figurehead of my need to find Australian love…..as she models hot for Australian GQ….cuz Australians get me.

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  • Flocco

    She is the neice of Hugo Weaving who played Agent Smith in The Matrix (I have a talent for spotting relatives of actors)

  • Vbb

    She’s on home and away is and is seriously the worst actress on the show. She’s something to look at though. Bet she gives the producer mad blowies.