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Cameron Diaz Pantsless in a Photoshoot of the Day

No idea what this photoshoot is for….apprently it is by some photographer named Davis Factor…and was shot in 2012….back when Cameron Diaz was an old botox hag of a woman…who still has awesome fucking legs and is probably a lot of fun to hang around…now that she’s menopausal and unable to get pregnant….even though you may be skeptical of what condition her pussy is in…as these Hollywood girls fuck a lot of cock….and that’s usually a turn off to most dudes…but works for me since I fuck hookers and sometimes they are lubricated with another man’s semen and for some reason, a reason I call discount budget sex, that works for me.

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  • Travis

    For 1 it’s 2012 now, & for 2 Carmen Diaz is still an old botox hag.