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Car Chase Suicide of the Day

I don’t know you, but this is crazy…..here’s a dude in a car chase being covered by the local news….shooting himself in the fucking head.

1 – I hate suicide and think all people who commit suicide should be shot, but since they’ve already done it, and we can’t do it again, I feel their death should not be respected as they didn’t respect their own life.

You see kids die of cancer everyday….none of them want to die….they want to be normal and playing with their friends….and here some cocksucker goes and disrespects their will to live by shitting on his own life….

I do it for the kids…

2- I hate putting death or gore videos on the site, cuz I like girls and babes and the nice side of life….and I also like hookers, addicts, poverty, white trash, retards and all other things I like laughing at…..but the reason I am posting it is cuz YOUTUBE did and so did FOX cuz the reporter’s reaction is fucking amazing….Live TV is the best.

I do it for the comedic aspect to all the darkness…ya heard.

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