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Emily Scott is Hot in FHM France of the Day

People get mad at me when I call girls strippers….but they don’t get that I love strippers…I spend the 100 dollars I make off the site a month on strippers and the reality is that strippers don’t like me…they target me…bullshit me with retard conversation….they just ask me for my money like a homeless beggar without charming or seducing me…cuz the smart girls all have real jobs…or are Glamour Models…and it just leads to frustration….don’t these girls understand that all I want from them is to give a lot of lap dances so they can support my life of luxury while I sit on the couch drinking all day….it’s such an easy request….just like getting famous or a fan base when you’re a chick with tits is easy….all you have to do is be able to live with yourself….and these girls are totally into that…Hey! stop calling my girlfriend a slut. Jerk.

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