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Spencer Scott is Twistys Treat of the Day

Her name is Spencer Scott…She’s 5’4 and 110 pounds and has 34 D natural implants…..her waist is size 23 and her hips 33….and she’s this month’s Twisty’s Treat….

I like looking at pictures of half naked girls….even if they are just stereotypically hot…like someone ripped out the pages of a 1990s Playboy spread and tried to re-create it….you know the kind of lady you see elegantly dancing with her Bunny tattoo on her hip….the kind of girl you bump into in her velour sweat suit and platform shoes and feel amazed actually exists…..the kind of girl you want to marry….and have babies with because you know it would be nothing by flowers and butterflies….with no drama…you just aren’t on enough steroids and don’t have enough tribal tattoos to make it happen….

From what I gather in my hard hitting journalism research…Spencer Scott lived the Playboy dream….and decided to just get into porn….when the reality that being in Playboy isn’t what it was for Pam Anderson, Carmen Electra, and all the other pre-internet Playboy girls….

Sure her porn is masturbating and girl on girl…but that’s the gateway to the vile shit that is being produced and that you love so much….it’s just an amazing cycle of showing tits and vagina….trying to get paid, famous, and make all the money you can before retiring….and that’s better than working as a Secretary.

Here’s what she had to say:

I started modeling for Playboy and after that I just decided I wanted to get into porn.

For a partner, you have to have a good sense of humor and confidence. That’s extremely sexy to me. I also LOOOVE great kissers! That’s where you see all the passion and know right away.

I hope you guys masturbate real hard and real long to my photos

I think by doing this post….Spencer Scott and I are officially dating…too bad my idea of a great kiss is getting a blowjob.

To See More of Her Masturbating Follow this NSFW Link

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  • Travis

    What are “natural implants”?

    Also, her parents must be brimming with pride…