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Anne Hathaway Got Married of the Day

Anne Hathaway got married this weekend to some dude naed Adam Shulman…..

I am posting it cuz she’s onee of those actors nerds, virgins and losers believe they are dating in their second life that is their first life….you know in fantasy land that is magical and amazing while real life is socially awkward and lonely…

Which means a lot of you are furious…screaming at your computer screen, destroying the life sized model of her you made out of your own semen….

And that is hilarious.

You people never get over the fact that she is in movies, not the character in the movies, and that if you met her, in the rare as fuck chance that you met her, it’d probably not lead to you having sex or even having a conversation with her….where you exchange numbers and plan to talk again,.So I’m glad she’s forced you to get over her….


TO SEE: Anne Hathaway’s recently married pre-married awesome tits in a sex scene from LOVE & OTHER DRUGS with the one celebrity I’ve had a physical altercaton with who will remain nameless cuz he’s a fucking loser and his name is too hard to type….click the MORE button….NSFW…after the jump…touch your toes…

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  • xv

    Huh? she’s not a lesbian?
    Unless the hubby is a beard ….?

  • cowbulls

    I never heard ANY rumors about this sex goddess being a carpet muncher. I think she is great because she was one of the first women to come out liking anal. Think of all the tight ass guys have gotten thanks to her endorsement. I talked a woman that was a huge fan of hers to try it because her idol said it was OK. Thank you Anne.

  • Rosarch

    The anal story was a lie. It might be true in real life, but she never said that.

  • Analfabeto

    Yay her, I guess…

  • shitdick

    she’s got healthy tits and a nice ass. Whats not to like?