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Christina Aguilera’s New Cover of the Day

I have a question…How many of you have masturbated to the new cover pic for the X-Tina – I think she goes by Christina Aguilera now…cuz X-Tina was too erotic and lean for someone so fucking large……and disgusting….because I guess she’s addicted to emotionally eating cuz she can now that that world has embraced her fatness and accepted her as more than a poptart with implants and a big irritating singing voice…which is unfortunate…cuz I like social pressure on all girls to look awesome and think this is bad for the fight against diabetes as fat girls everywhere say “well I’m not as fat as Christina Aguilera so I can afford to have this slice of Pizza”….bad fucking news.

I am not sure if she’s a mermaid in this shit…but I am sure she’s not exploiting her one redeeming quality in her obesity….her tits….what a disaster.

Apparently if you play around with the conrrast of he pic….you can see her fat girl vagina lips….

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  • Rap said it

    A fat angel from heaven

  • Honey Boo Boo

    All that vajiggle jaggle is not beautimus. Truth!

  • Chrismma420

    I just grew a clit

  • evil420dick

    Chrismma, put some chocolate sauce on it and this bitch will suck it.

  • buddy elf

    Even when she was thin, she looked like your average trashy blonde porn star. But pleeaaase put some clothes on this fat cow!