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Barbara Palvin for Victoria’s Secret of the Day

Barbara Palvin is 18…..and she’s the future of Victoria’s Secret….making me wonder where these Victoria’s Secret scouts look for new pussy to get half naked the day it turns 18….but I assume it’s in the school yard…or even in their Eastern European training camp head quarters where these immigrant bitches are bred to be stars…with diet, fitness, and awesome tans….ready to give husbands lingerie catalog masturbation fodder…and you know what…it works for me…cuz when I try to trick 18 year olds to get naked….it’s way less effective than Victoria’s Secret’s moves…more proof that being an evil corporation is awesome…

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  • Rap said it

    I’m going hard in the paint

  • Vlad

    Yesh, ’cause they pays ’em extreme amounts of rubles; highest class of the whores.

  • cowbulls

    I like the fact that she looks like a woman, not a skinny teenage boy.