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Diane Kruger is Pantsless for Marie Claire France of the Day

Diane Kruger is some bitch who is pushing 40 who is probably best known for being in a long term relatonship with Joshua Jackson that weenie from Dawson Creek…yes I just called someone a weenie…but only cuz that’s the best word to describe Joshua Jackson….

Or maybe she is know for her own stab at hollywood being in shitty blockbusters like Troy and National Treasure and the upcoming National Treasure 3 whatever else she has done before this glorious photoshoot of her pantsless for Marie Claire France….

What matters is that she is german and thus likes shitting on and being shit on….and that what makes her really matter…

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  • MotherFucker

    I bet Joshua Jackson is able to get neck deep into her ass.

  • cowbulls

    I bet JJ has left lots of unused love tunnel for the next guys to explore. Being German that also means her dirtbox is open for pleasure and old limpdick JJ probably hasn’t explored it. What a waste of a sexy woman.