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Lindsay Lohan’s Nipple in The Canyons Trailer of the Day

Lindsay Lohan showed off some nipple for a split second in the trailer for The Canyons, some movie she got cast to play the whore in….and here’s the trailer….

The movie is about some sex crazed kids in their 20s, starring Lohan and pornster James Deen, which pretty much tells us how shit this movie is going to be, low budget, badly shot, and all the work Lohan can get….

The really interesting thing in all this is that I heard Lohan and James Deen shot a sex tape while filming this movie…and that there will lots of sex in his movie…so I’m just waiting for the highlight reel and more importantly for the sex tape to drop…cuz I think it is time we see Lohan fuck. She’s been around too long to keep that from us….

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  • evil420dick

    She has starred in many sex tapes in my head but i would like to see the real deal. You know, for comparison purposes.

  • I used to think I wanted to see her in a girl on girl sex tape, but since the chicks she goes for look like men, I take that back.

    Show us how you take the cock already Lohan! You basically no alternatives to get back in the limelight left…

  • Cannon


  • Tracy Sharp

    Hi! <3

  • Jenza Star

    A nipple ? Come on Jesus, you can do better Xo


    Jenza Star what you know about that, trick?

  • jess sass 89

    Lohan will do anything for a dollar

  • cowbulls

    I want a first dick report on what’s left of the holes between her legs. Lindsey is such an idiot that she could be tight as a virgin or loose as a slop bucket.