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Krysten Ritter for Prestige Magazine of the Day

Krysten Ritter is some awkward Katy Perry impersonator looking girl…who apparently also acts in movies…..and is pretty unknown to me…bu making moves because magazines I’ve never heard of are doing photoshoos of her half naked in vintage bikinis or lingerie or whatever that is…all glamourous and not very erotic….and I’m posting it because I assume she has one fan….who is probably weird as fuck…and probably knows all her vitals and every line she’s ever spoke in movies…he memorizes them as he sketches her out of semen on his basement apartment wall…cuz that’s what happens when you do movies…you attract weirdos…..especially when you look like a weirdo….weirdo.

She’s so intense…..

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  • Her face is harsh, it scares me.


  • Rosarch

    I like her, she is kinda hot and funny.

  • lisa

    I like her style, she’s super cute

  • cowbulls

    I watched her on TV and I’d like to bang her rosebud.

  • roscoe

    She’s been on decent shows and isn’t in a free lingerie catalog that’s why you don’t know who she is Jesus.

  • Cannon

    Jesus i’m rollin with you

  • Kelli

    Krysten is super talented and one of the nicest, most grounded people you could meet. Your post, and incredible lack of grammar and spelling ability, proves what a jealous idiot you are.


    Her aunt Kelli