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Sara Jean Underwood Cosplay for Comicon of the Day

Sara Jean Underwood is rocking comicon harder than the virgins in line waiting for her autograph rock social awkwardness….and I realize that it’s not that far of a stretch from being a fucking stripper….or even a Playboy model….which is convenient cuz that’s all her implant tit, fake hair, low level fame, naked model trash knows…..I don’t care what insignificant, low ratings show she’s on, on a network that’s gonna be shut the fuck down…..or how many shitty, desperate and pathetic fans she has….she’s a gutter slut bottom feeder and I mean that in the sweetest most loving way…..

What I’m getting at is Cosplay to nerds with a girl dressed like this….in stripper shoes….is no different than watching a bitch suck a dick to a seasoned porn watcher…..it’s just fetish shit that’s more socially acceptable…but responsible for equal volume of semen spilled….if you know what I mean…and you do…

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  • ExpletiveBMP

    Sara Jean Underwood make look cute now, but what I tend to do is add twenty years to these “cute” girls and for Sarah, what I see is something dreadful. When she ages, she’s going to be atrocious.

  • FunKiller

    I would violate her now, and in twenty years!

  • ExpletiveBMP


    Ha, as you said, and I think I would, she still needs a sandwich though.

  • Rosarch

    This chick is so sad. Desperately trying to go the Olivia Munn route.

  • Emma

    ‘I would violate her’? Comments like these are the reason I STOPPED dressing up like that for conventions, assholes.