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Ashley Greene Boring in Marie Claire November 2012

You’d hope some bottom feeder at the top of her game would have stepped it up bit for any photoshoot she does…you know suggesting a little more tit or vagina lip…even though she doesn’t really need to since the majority of her whoring has already happened and that’s the whole reason she’s riding at the top….

She’s some talentless Twilight scumbag Florida trash who managed to get into a franchise, develop a fan base she didn’t deserve, and strategically date/fuck/pretend to remain a virgin with to speak to that audience…and the whole thing mocks the industry….especially when she gets away with shoots like this…with zero sleaze in them…defeating the whole point of her being a whore…you see….it’s like when your favorite hooker finds a rich boyfriend and stops stripping…just wasted willing hooker talent….

Keep them bitches in the gutter is what I say.

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  • Karl Hungus

    Classic Hollywood tale. Used to be smoking hot, caught some fame, now too skinny.

  • FunKiller

    It’s the skinny ones that can’t put up much of a fight….they wear down easier.

  • Rosarch


  • crisk

    I’m disgusted of this bitch opportunist!