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Kaley Cuoco in Esquire Latin America of the Day

I assume these Kaley Cuoco pics for Esquire Latin America are old, recycled and I am not just saying that becasue I think Latin Americans are second rate citizens who are always a few steps behind, slower to the gate, lazier to produce….and the first to take a break when the boss isn’t looking….I am saying that because the pics look familiar….the “Happy Anniversary” on the mirror seems to be in English….

I guess we’ll just have to wait for her fans to call these pics out for being old you know they will know cuz she’s marketed hard to the nerds and nerds are very loyal…so loyal at least one of them has probably wall papered his wall in these pics….so when he smears his ejaculate on the

But since they are new to me I’m posting them – even if I think she’s overrated and boring…she’s in lingerie.

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  • Chas

    “…the “Happy Anniversary” on the mirror seems to be in English…”

    Well, in the fifth picture she’s clearly writing it on the mirror. Since she’s American, did you really expect her to write it in Spanish?

    I agree, she’s way over-hyped. I fail to see why people think she’s so attractive…I certainly don’t see it. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with her, but I’ve had a lot of coworkers that were far more attractive than her.

  • Travis

    Wow these pictures are terrible.
    The angles are totally unflattering & her face in every pic looks like she’s holding back a fart.

    Also, her stomach looks bloated, but airbrushed to look less so.

    What a mess…


    At certain angles (when not being photoshopped, she shares some facial characteristics of Chastity Bono (now known as Chaz Bono)