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Ashley Tisdale Sticking Tongue Out of the Day

Ugly Face Tisdale is not hiding behind sunglasses, a mask, her hand, or the tools she usually uses to try to divert people’s attention from her below average, even awkward looks….this times he’s hiding behind pixelation…thanks to Instagram filters that make event he most rank girl look like she’s cast in the pages of an erotic magazine from the 70s….and really I prefer seeing less of her tongue and more of her hard work out body…because lets face it…even pixelation can’t save this face but as the girls around her get older and fatter…her body will carry her…and you know what…I am okay with that cuz hot bodies with hag faces are more fun to fuck than hot faces on haggard bodies….so keep up the good work…now put that tongue where it matters….on my asshole…you tease.

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  • Rosarch

    Nice cum catcher.