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Pam Anderson is a Vegas Stripper of the Day

I kinda appreciate Pam Anderson’s never give up attitude….It’s like she had no talent, no skill, no experience back when she launched her career, but still mananged to make a huge success out of it, and even if her beauty is dying as fast as her liver, she’s still willing to hit up gigs at Vegas strip clubs, where she whores out like she’s not in her 50s, half naked and on all fours, and that is hysterical…..it’s like going to a middle aged costume party on Halloween….only to see so many women half naked…who shouldn’t be half naked….it may not give boners…but it does make for good times….

I’d say she should give up….but where is the fun in that.

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  • It’s only going to get better as time goes on. Assuming her jaundiced decaying ass lasts long enough to get to the point of her skin hanging loose so you can watch it flap around and hit fuckers in the face to her stripper moves.

  • HolyMoly

    Wow, an entire paragraph with no periods!

  • LeroyJ

    Pam stopped having her period years ago!

  • XYZ

    Her sons must be extremely proud of her…. I wish she would just disappear….

  • XYZ

    Its tragic when u refuse to realize u should act according to ur age. Ure 45 for gods sake, not 25…. Madonna (54), demi moore (soon to be 50), kylie minogue (44) and janice dickinson (58) are in the same league btw….

  • XYZ

    oh and jennifer lopez (43) too….