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Michael Lohan Sells Out His Daughter Again of the Day


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So according to Jesus, he somehow got a free trip to Central America through a friend, but for all I know that could mean he’s hanging out with a Nicaraguan bar maid he met over the weekend after winning big at video lottery. In my family, sometimes it’s better not to ask questions especially when they are questions you may not be prepared to hear the answer to.

Still, when he asks me to help out I do so here I am.

Lindsay Lohan’s father is talking to the media again and although I think Lohan is in self-denial about the way she continually sabotages her life and puts the blame on anyone else but her part of me always feels bad for this girl. Still, the fact of the matter is Lindsay Lohan, as gorgeous as she once was and as great as she was in Mean Girls, is not Robert Downey Jr and is never going to be able to realize the talent she could be is way more valuable than any of the people, nightclubs or celebrity status she thinks she may have.

It’s times like this I wish her and I were friends, not because I have any interest in hanging out with a famous person but because at this point the only way this girl is going to her shit together is if she ditches Hollywood entirely and basically everyone in her life and that includes her “family”…And the terrible part of that is I’m probably as far as it comes from normal and well adjusted but compared to the scum that this girl is surrounded with on a daily basis, hanging out with somebody like me would be the equivalent of spending an afternoon baking with June Cleaver.

In the end, her whole situation makes me reflective and thankful for my own home and family life growing up. I may have grown up with a drunk by 2pm step-father who never bought grocerys, borrowed money off me from time to time and hit on my friends but at the end of the day at least I knew he had my back and always has my back  and wouldn’t sell me out any chance he could get like this girl’s parents seem to do on a weekly fucking basis.

Here’s the video:

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  • Martin

    You suck at writing and being funny.

  • Thanks Martin, same to you!