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Sophie Turner Does Some Ass for Twitter of the Day

The lawyer who wants everything in life to not be a lawyer, that was her fall back plan that she never really wanted to fall back on, but was forced to because her model bullshit was just that…bullshit…but with desperation and overall level of bottom feeding pathetic behavior comes “one last go at this I wanna be a Glamour model…thing”….and it came in the form of posting pics of her ass last week….giving her a glimmer of hope that people still care…not that they ever did…but she loves the attention and in turn post more pics of her ass….cuz she’s more than just a girl willing to get half naked for male attention…she’s got a law degree and gets strategy…but more importantly…billing by the hour…

I can’t hate on a girl for trying especially when she doesn’t have to…cuz she’s got a high paying career lined up…that she just doesn’t want to take cuz she prefers seeking approval and “makin’ it”….but she doesn’t “make it” on camera…cuz I guess she’s above doing porn..but not above doing bikini ass shots for twitter…..cuz she’s a fucking lawyer people….

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  • Rosarch

    Sophie Turner is gorgeous and her ass is magical.