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Melissa Debling Naked Housework for Zoo of the Day

My days are not complete unless I rip off a photo set from one of the UK Lad mags I am amazed actually exist and that people actually buy….even though I am not amazed the models exist…cuz there are naughty, exhibitionist, slutty girls everywhere that just need a little coaxing and proding and promises of fame and fortune to objectify themselves in the best kind of way…..naked and topless….this coulda been a stripper or a school teacher or a pornstar…but instead she’s a housewife…just cleaning up the house properly…unless of course these are staged…in which case I feel lied to……but here are the pics anwyay…cuz a girl looking like this cleaning your house, even if she’s faking it is amazing…while your wife cleaning your house dressed like this is a scary fucking disgusting mess you’d like to avoid…making this all the better fantasy….cuz you know real hot girls date guys who can afford to pay someone to do the cleaning and they only get naked for the pool boy….

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