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Isabeli Fontana for Morena Rosa Beach of the Day

Isabeli Fontana is an old, tired, Brazilan model who was in SI Swimsuit at 16, cuz SI are sex offenders who shoot underage girls in a sexual light….back in 1999….over a fucking decade ago….back before she was just another stereotype with two kids with different daddies…like immigrants tend to do….

I don’t know if I find these pics hot or not, I am sunstroke and should be outside staring at real live girls in bikinis, which is pretty much exactly what I am going to do, while you debate whether Isabeli Fontana matters or not…cuz I know I don’t care either fucking way….cuz she’s old, tired and damaged goods to me….with serious baggage…something being hotness can’t override…at least not to me….

I looked at MY ARCHIVE OF ISABELLI FONTANA POSTS ….and I’ve decided she’s fucking amazing….

Here are the pics of her recent campaign….

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