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Cheryl Cole 2013 Calendar of the Day

Cheryl Cole and her rockin’ prison tats…who was too ghetto do be on the American version of the show she judges in the UK…and who was replaced by a transgendered popstar diva stripper to make the rejection sting all that much more….released her own 2013 calendar….and she looked fucking amazing in it…because she’s pretty fucking hot….depsite having produced some of the worst music ever….but music that was good enough to keep her trash out of the trash and instead in the fancy homes of pro football players she fucked….I mean, I guess she made her own money too, but there’s no fun in lookin’ at the story from that perspective….when really who cares about the story…as it is all about her fucking awesome calendar pics…even if her white trash dad is probably the only guy in the UK who uses calendars…as most people…even blue collar are onto this other thing called TECHNOLOGY…..

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