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Katee Sackhoff & Tricia Helfer in Some Calendar Shoot of the Day

What the world needs now more than anything…you know with the Hurricane about to rape us as a preview of the murder that is going to happen next month when the end of the world hits…you know the calm before the actual apocalypse….nature’s rape before murder because otherwise it is just gross….is a Battlestar Galactica calendar for 2013….even if it is not actually for Battlestar Galactica but instead just staring 2 of their “babes” who aren’t really all that hot…at least not in these pics….but since I know the people and/or person who accidentally may read this site…is probably really into this sci/fi nerd shit…and I am all about accommodating my fan…because without you…I am nothing….even if I am already nothing…just like 2013…cuz I predict shit’s not gonna happen….even if this calendar did.

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  • ExpletiveBMP

    Nerdgasm!!!! and they’re as wonderful as they are and therefore can be forgiven for being skinny.