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Amanda Bynes Naked in the Tanning Salon of the Day

I just got this amazing email:

Amanda Bynes caused quite a scene during a recent visit to Beach Bum Tanning in NYC. An eyewitness tells In Touch that the troubled starlet shocked customers when she appeared in main salon area — completely naked!

After purchasing a Mystic spray-tan session, the 26-year-old was set up in a private room — but it wasn’t long before Amanda strode back out into the main salon area in search of goggles.

Only problem: She wasn’t wearing any clothes! “She walked out of the room completely naked,” the eyewitness tells In Touch. “She didn’t seem to care that everyone saw her naked.”

“She seemed totally out of it,” the eyewitness says. “She took her time walking back to the Mystic room, dragging her fingers along the wall and smiling at customers who passed her.”

The eyewitness adds: “There was definitely something wrong with her.”

Best fucking news ever….

I want to see the pics….someone out there…an employee of Mystic tan…must have security footage of this happening….and I need it…because Amanda Bynes, despite her weird face…has a hot little body I want to see naked….

I hope this drug addiction, fallen off the radar shit is true…cuz child star turns into porn star would be a nice way to end this Amanda Bynes story….

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  • al bundy

    who is your provider of these wonderful videos? this is almost porn. I want to c the pics of the tanning place – make it happen