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Ashley Tisdale is a Sexy Batman with an Ugly Robin of the Day

Ashley Tisdale has a pretty good strategy….she’s not hot but she works out…so she can use her fit body as a distraction from her face…that she has had a nose job on…but that hasn’t saved her from a life of averaging looking at best….so she’s got the extra step to make sure she hangs with girls substantially uglier than her…even making them her sidekick in Halloween costumes…to make her look better…the oldest trick in the average looking girl book….you know make sure you’re the hottest in the group so people talk to you….while all these ugly girls she’s with are just too excited to be with a girl from TV to notice what they are being used for…if anything they feel top of the fucking game…..cuz ugly fat girls are pathetic…and I guess Ashley Tisdale knows that.

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