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Adriana Lima’s Hot Victoria’s Secret Photoshoot of the Day

Adriana Lima hasn’t quit…and I guess with the power of Photoshop she doesn’t have to…cuz bitch knows how to pose proper, it is kinda all she’s done the last decade…working with the best hair, make-up, lighting and photography people….the miracles of the industry that hide the unfortunate harsh reality of child birth, aging and being of latin and native roots, that genetically want your cute round ass to look like it belongs on a dorito eating mom….cuz in catalog shoots…of the most boring half naked variety…she looks pretty fucking decent…and I am forced to remain a fan….at least for now…cuz I am staring at her tits….and nothing else about her really matters….except maybe pointing out how obvious it is that she’s hiding her stretch mark, sloppy, fucking mom stomach…you see cuz even Adriana Lima has major insecurities and flaws…and we can all thank child birth for that…cuz children are the root of all evil.

Here are the pics..

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  • cowbulls

    I’ll take one for the team and volunteer to check out her clam and starfish and report back on their elasticity. I will have to make a side trip to those luscious fun bags however.