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Kate Moss Poses for Venetia Scott in Centrefold’s of the Day

I love me some Kate Moss…I don’t know it’s just the fact that she groupies out to heroin addict rockstars who she probably has unprotected sex with because celebrities and models don’t use condoms…especially not when they are being dead beat mothers….that makes me feel her pussy tastes like fucking heaven….or at least like something I want to try….no matter how old and tired she gets.

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  • I bet you could get high if you licked it. She should go around selling licks for $20 a pop.

  • ibyte69

    Come on Madammeow I’ve $500 so we’ll both get 25 licks. Just think of the stories that pussy could tell…

  • cowbulls

    You guys can have my turn. I bet that hole is as big as a pig slop bucket and smells the same.