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Brooke Burke Gangnam Style of the Day

I try to ignore that gangnam style exists…but for some reason…it is everywhere…I don’t know if the Korean who came up with it was making a sick joke on society…but everyone gets a fucking kick out of it…sings a long to it and does the stupid dance…it’s the thing to do right now…that confuses the fuck out of me…even when old ladies with awesome bodies like Brooke Burke do the shit…but that’s not because I hate old ladies with hot bodies…but because I hate this fucking movement…it is designed for water coolers and 9-5ers everywhere…and it must be taken out back and shot…but it won’t…it is bigger than me…and I’ll just have to pretend it doesn’t exist…like I do with most things I realize we need to numb, dumb and control the general population of retards…

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  • What the fuck is up with those two dudes fudge packin’ it at 0:10? It looks like the other cameraman ruined their “moment”.

  • shitdick

    this bitch is like 45 years old and has fake tits….why the fuck should i care?

  • She still has it doesn’t she. 40+ and TOTALLY rockin!