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Kim Kardashian’s Chubby Bikini Shoot of the Day

Kim Kardashian is so gross…seriously disgusting….seeing her in a bikini reminds me of all that is wrong with her….she’s built like tank…a sloppy fleshy tank…and there’s a reason only black guys like her….cuz black guys love all girls…and they are less about a bitch being skinny….which I guess works for her…since fucking one on camera made her into a 100 million dollar empire….

She is all that is wrong in America….

But here she is in some recent or apparently recent bikini pics in Miami….looking like fucking shit…which is appropriate since she is shit.

Seriously….The fucking worst….

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  • cowbulls

    I would like a clean health report and assurances that she doesn’t have any infectious diseases. If that happened, I would dehydrate myself between her legs. I would also love to get a hold on those tits. The sexual possibilities are amazing.

  • uwotm8

    If this is chubby, then what kind of girls do you go after? 13 year old teeny-boppers with no ass, tits, or curves?

  • none

    you have problems if you think that is chubby. she is built like a goddess. guess you prefer bulimics or 10 year old boys.