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Akon Spots Obama at a Georgia Shell Station of the Day

Wow…..this doesn’t seem wrong at all…I mean all Southern gas stations should have black mannequins representing the president hanging from a noose….it just makes fucking sense right….you know with all that slavery shit they once fought for….

It is nice to know that we don’t live in a racist America….not that I live in America…but you get what I am saying…and if you don’t…that this KKK shit is fucking crazy…

You see I make fun of every race, color, gender, sexual orientation, political position….I get called racist all the time but I actually love everyone…and firmly believe we are all idiots….and all God’s children…

So this kinda hate….especially when fed to ignorant retards…is just not good for much….it isn’t even funny…if anything it is almost fucking scary….

Happy Erection Day….Vote for me.


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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    You might want to look at the uncropped version of the picture, as there is a Romney and Johnson hanging right next to Glorious Leader.

    That doesn’t quite fit the narrative though, does it?

  • tuan

    i noticed the other guys hanging(who are white from what little I can see) have been cropped out to insure that much more division and hatred.

    If that was your goal- well played.

  • HorneyLohanWanker – I missed you

  • Lokee73


    Do you have a source; I can’t find one.

    Also; cut Akon a little slack. If that’s the only picture they saw; they are going to draw conclusions from what is in front of them.

  • Travis

    I thought lohanwanker had died.