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Bar Refaeli in December’s GQ of the Day

What better way to celebrate the first Victoria’s Secret fashion show….the one the celebs went to for the first taping….while waiting for the second show…for the bloggers I wasn’t invited to…despite being a fucking blog that has been in the game since 2003…before 90 percent of all fucking blogs….than to look at pics of an ex Victoria’s Secret model…who walked away from these bastards….for whatever reason….that I assume comes down to money…because that’s always what breaks up relationships and not cuz both parties are jewish….but cuz that’s what life is based on in this evil society….

Point being, she doesn’t need Victoria’s Secret…they don’t need their tits…and I don’t need any of this bullshit…but I post it anyway….

Here she is for GQ making moves.

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  • cowbulls

    Leo is an idiot.

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  • vitobonespur

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    Yeah, right!